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Coffee is Essential!  
Our roastery remains open to the public M-F 10:30 to 5:00

Green Star Coffee



Roasting Coffee

From procuring the finest organic Fair Trade green coffee beans, to roasting with meticulous fanaticism for quality and perfection, to delivering our product with outstanding service and personalized attention, Green Star Coffee always produces an exceptional cup of coffee.

We have a passion for coffee. This involves an intimate understanding of the beans themselves and the equipment used to roast them. The process takes time and skill based on years of roasting experience. Timing, temperature and chemical composition changes within the beans are just a few of the aspects our Roastmasters continually monitor. We choose to roast our beans “to order” in our Santa Barbara roastery rather than mass producing batches like larger chains do. The result is well worth it. This process defines the quality and freshness of our coffee. To compromise this process would compromise the product.

The care, knowledge, and attention to detail that goes into the Green Star Coffee roasting process results in rich, complex, and rewarding coffees of the highest grade and quality available. Here, beans are hand blended and crafted into superior roasts. Selective organic bean sources, the freshest inventory and custom artisan roasting are the foundations of our company.

As public knowledge grows about organic coffee procurement, gourmet roasting and brewing methods, the goal of Green Star Coffee is to accommodate the new coffee palate by crafting unique specialty blends to any specifications using coffee from the best growing regions in the world. From Kenya to Costa Rica, Central America and the Pacific, only the finest grade beans and roasting methods are used.

Green Star Coffee's mission is to support environmental sustainability through certified organic, Fair Trade, shade grown coffees and partner with producers and programs that increase social responsiblity and perpetuate positive change. We all have a voice and can make a difference with the products we choose. The growth of Fair Trade products proves that consumers are voting for a better world with their purchases, demanding sustainable, ethically sourced goods nationwide.

Thank you for your interest in Green Star Coffee. Contact Us to learn more about our range of coffee services.